Senior Manager of BD (DC)

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JD_Senior Manager of BD (DC


1.     What is this job accountable for achieving?


a)        Lead a BD Manager to form one of the 4 BD units on developing large-scale DC or DCS/CCS projects in the GBA with target investments portfolio of aggregate HK$3 Billion up to 2030.

b)        Act as the frontline BD team lead to identity, secure and develop DC projects and hand-over to  Implementation Team after final project approval

c)        Support BD Head and Associate Head to explore and recommend new investment strategies and establish business models in DC projects in the assigned cities of GBA, ultimately formulate and implement development action plans under the strategies to develop projects pipeline.

d)        Support BD Head and Associate Head to establish strong business network on facilitating the development of new DC projects in the assigned cities of GBA and carry out stakeholder engagement with key government officials/ authorities at state, provincial or local city levels and clients at international or local level.

e)        Develop a solid DC projects pipeline through greenfield development or M&A in the assigned cities of GBA so that there is at least one project being developed and delivered every year upto 2030.

f)         Support BD Head and Associate Head to identify, secure and manage new partnerships including upstream suppliers, equity or strategic partners, local government authorities or downstream contractors/ consultants for developing new DC projects.

g)        Support Associate Head to continuously explore and assess the latest market environment and regulatory regime, ensure proper due diligence being carried out on identified greenfield DC projects or opportunities for the Board’s final investment decision.

h)        Carry out detailed due diligence of greenfield DC projects or M&A opportunities in the assigned cities of GBA and represent company with Associate Head to negotiate and conclude transactions and finalize business cases for approval.

i)          Support BD Head and Associate Head for seeking approval of DC projects both internally and externally and ensure full compliance of all legal and regulatory requirements and CLP governance being implemented in projects delivery.


 2.     Essential Qualifications for this Role


a)        A recognized University degree in IT, Computing Engineering, Electronics or Electrical engineering or relevant disciplines.

b)        Sound knowledge in multi-discipline engineering projects, especially for DC infrastructure projects.

c)        Strong commercial and financial skills in managing DC projects.

d)        Excellent communication skills including verbal and written Chinese (Putonghua and Cantonese) and English.

e)        Strong business acumen; Excellent negotiation and influencing skills and experiences in effective sales contract deals closing.

f)         Strong leadership skills, decision-making and management abilities.


3.     Essential Experience for this Role


a)        At least 12 years relevant working experiences, with good track records in the DC industry in China.

b)        Hold key development position of DC developers or owners/operators (Senior Manager or Assistant VP) with strong business network in the DC industry in China or in Hong Kong.  

c)        Extensive business  development  experience (over 8  years) in DC projects in  the  PRC DC  market with proven track record.

d)        Ability to properly assess complex technical, political and commercial risks for proposed DC projects (based on broad and deep experience) with deep knowledge of DC regulatory regime and policies.  

e)        Ability to adopt flexible and creative approach to the market reality, able to successfully negotiate and close deals with customers and business partners.

f)         Excellent management skills and human relations skills to build and motivate BD team members with diverse discipline.

g)        Good business acumen, customer-oriented and performance driven.









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